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There are 2 herbal formulas for Essiac teas: An Explanation of the Differences
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The original Essiac formula which was gifted to the Canadian nurse Rene Caisse by the Ojibway tribe in 1922 consisted of 4 herbs. This is the same formula which she successfully used in Canada for some 40 years. It is also the formula which she submitted to the Canadian medical authorities in 1937 for their evaluation. The herbs of this 4 herb formula are listed below with their percentages by weight: Burdock Root: 67.7% Sheep Sorrel: 21.6% Rhubard Root: 5.0% Slippery Elm Bark: 5.0% Later in her life, Rene Caisse went to Cambridge, Massachussetts where she worked with Dr. Charles C. Brusch in his medical clinic. Dr. Brusch was a distinguished physican of great renown, and was John F. Kennedy's personal physican . While Rene Caisse worked with Dr. Brusch, she and Dr. Brusch would for certain patients, on occasion, add small amounts of other potentizing herbs to the Essiac formula. They were added in small amounts only, and the basic 4 herb formula remained the primary formula. After Rene Caisse's death in the 70's, a Canadian radio announcer and researcher named Elaine Alexander visited with Dr. Brusch in Massachussets. She obtained from Dr. Brusch a formula for Essiac which contained the basic 4 herbs plus small potentizing amounts of 4 other herbs. She later set up a business to manufacture and distribute a brand of Essiac which she named Floressence. Some confusion was created when she claimed that her 8 herb formula was the only "genuine" Essiac product. We consider both the 4 herb formula and the 8 herb formula to be valid. In each formula the main ingredients are Burdock Root and Sheep Sorrel, which Rene Caisse valued most as the healing agents. The small amounts of the other herbs function to assist the Burdock Root and Sheep Sorrel to do their job. Many people get confused by the fact that there are 2 formulas, and do not know which Essiac formula to use. We have used and studied both the 4 herb formula and the 8 herb formula, and have decided to manufacture and sell the 8 herb formula. We consider it to be slightly better than the 4 herb formula. The really critical factor is not which formula to use, but that the herbs in the formula are of the highest quality. Listed below are the 8 herbs we use, and their percentages by weight: As you will note, the additional 4 herbs are added in very small amounts. Product.jpg (14593 bytes) Our Bottles and Package of Dried Herbal Mix Burdock Root: 60.5% Sheep Sorrel: 19.5% Rhubarb Root: 4.8% Slippery Elm Bark: 4.8% Kelp: 4.8% Blessed Thistle: 2.4% Red Clover: 2.4% Watercress: 0.333%  
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