How effective is Essiac in pills and capsules?

Why don't you sell Essiac in capsules or pills?

Is Essiac in capsules or pill form as good?

What About Essiac in Capsule or Pill Form?



A number of years ago, people started putting the dried Essiac herbal mix into capsules or pills and selling these capsules and pills as an easier and more convenient way to take Essiac tea.

 The dried herbs that are placed in the capsules have not been brewed.

 I do not believe that this is a correct way to take Essiac tea. It must be brewed, and the twelve hour brewing process is critical to the entire process. I have read everything that has ever been written about Rene Caisse and her adventures in developing her Essiac tea.

 In her personal writings, Rene Caisse said, “The magic is in the brewing”.  Enough said. But she added, “When you observe the tea as it goes through the twelve hour setting period after it has been boiled for ten minutes, you will observe that the mixture slowly changes color. I believe that this color change is critical to the effectiveness of the tea.”

 So we adhere religiously to the original process developed by Rene Caisse. We only sell tea that has been brewed and processed according to her original instructions.




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