What about Essiac Tea for my Dog?


Essiac Tea for Cats and other Pets

Essiac For Your Dogs, Cats, or other Pets


  I started this Essiac business in 1992. I read everything ever written by or about Rene Caisse and her work with Essiac Tea. Rene Caisse did not mention anything about using her herbal tea for dogs or cats. So I never gave it much thought. Then, in 1994, an out of state customer flew his private plane to our Orlando office to purchase three cases of liquid Essiac at a time. I assumed that he was doing this for a beloved relative. He replied, "No, it is for my race horse. He is sick, and he is responding to the Essiac Tea. I love my horse."

A year later another customer rescued a beautiful Himalaya Kitten that had feline leukemia. She successfully gave Essiac to the kitten and it lived. Thus it was that we became aware that Essiac tea is also good for your dogs or Cats or other pets.

Your dog or cat lives much closer to your kitchen floor than you do. Many kitchen floors get periodically sprayed or wiped with chemical cleaners or pesticides. Your pet picks up a lot of these poisons. So it only makes good sense to occassionally detoxify you pet. And as you have read, Essiac herbal tea is an excellent detoxifier.

And then there are lawns that have been treated with pesticides and chemicals. Our dogs and cats walk and play on these lawns. By licking their paws and fur, the pets then contaminate their bodies. It is no wonder that our pets get full of harmful toxins.

Holistic doctors will recommend that we detoxify our bodies about four times a year. Especially after travelling abroad. Well, we think that it is also a good idea to detoxify your pet on a routine basis, perhaps on this same four-times-a-year schedule.

Also, pets occasionally get tumors and immune system related diseases. Just as you would take Essiac for such an affliction, you can wisely give the tea to your pet.

A friend, a registered nurse, feel that giving Essiac Tea to her aging dog greatly extended her beloved pet's life. Her vet said that the dog lived much longer than he had predicted.


How to Administer Essiac to your Pet:


The simplest way to give Essiac Tea to your dog or cat (kitten or puppy) is to simply add it to your pet's water bowl.  If this doesn't work, some take a "turkey baster" type of syringe and administer the herbal tea directly into the pet's mouth. Some cats won't like this. In such cases I recommend that you tenderly wrap the cat in a soft and fluffy towel. It helps the cat a little; it helps you a lot! Less scratches and scars as a result!

Dosage of twice a day seems to work well in most situations. My wife actually moistens our pet's food with Essiac Tea. She feels that it saves her time, and benefits our pets.

Best of luck to you and your pet.


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