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Essiac Herbal Tea

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For years now we have marketed our brand of herbal Essiac Tea by mail order directly to the customer. Now the time has come to increase our presence on the health food store shelves. Thus we now seek Distributors and Reps who service the health food industry to represent our herbal tea product.

Our brand of Essiac Tea has a suggested retail price of  $12.00 for the package of dried herbal mix which is shown on this page. Customers are very pleased with this price. The package makes a two week supply of tea. So we do sell well in the few health food stores which now carry our product.

If you are seeking additional health food or herbal products to sell or represent, please give me a call, email or fax at my personal numbers listed below.

Sincerely, Tel: 719 256 4876
Michael D. Miller Fax: 719 256 4874
President email:
Natural Heritage Enterprises

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Attractive Plastic Display Stand Provided Free of Charge


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