Our Staff



Mike founded our company in 1992. He is a West Point grad, a highly decorated Vietnam Veteran, and has a Masters degree from Harvard University. In 1988 Mike was diagnosed with Agent Orange poisoning, which led him on a quest into alternative medicine seeking a remedy. "God works in mysterious ways" says Mike. "My search eventually led me to Essiac. My life was transformed forever."

Mike has spent many years investigating the special healing properties of water. He has studied the work of Viktor Schauberger, Nikola Tesla, Wilhelm Reich, Richard Gerber MD, and Masaru Emoto. Utilizing this knowledge, we now use "structured water" to make our bottled herbal tea. We believe that this helps to make our herbal tea remedy the best on the planet.

Mike claim to fame is that he has the best collection of parrot jokes on the planet.

Michael D. Miller
Our Founder


Malina is our Office Manager. She runs things. Malina's background of spiritual balance and alternative healing are a perfect base for our operation. She is a gifted Lomi Lomi healer, and maintains a private healing practice in her spare time.

Mike's desire for a harmonious family environment in the office fits perfectly with Malina's loving and caring manner of running things. Much time is devoted to office celebration of birthdays, etc, as each member of the team is made to feel part of our close family.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our Essiac tea and the quickness in which we respond to orders. All orders received by 1:00pm get shipped the same day.

Malina runs a tight ship. Unfortunately, she won't let Mike tell the staff any of his parrot jokes.

Our Office Manager



Jessica mixes our herbs into the 8-herb Essiac formula. Here she is shown helping out with the packaging of orders. All orders received before noon go out the same day. This keeps us on our toes.

Jessica is a very bright young lady. She brings a bit of enchantment to the office with her quick wit and positive attitude. We all enjoy her as part of our team.

Jessica has a side business. She designs and makes jewelry and "sock monkeys", selling them locally and online.



Our Herb Mixer


Manisha is a new addition to our staff. She brings a bright and vibrant energy to our office, and has quickly become adored and loved by all.

She has a positive attitude and buoyancy that fits well with the personalities in our operation. She is faithful and a hard worker, and we appreciate very much her presence in the office.

When you place an order for Essiac tea on the phone, if you aren't speaking with Malina, you will be talking with Manisha.



Our Assistant Office Manager


David is not only our faithful and dependable UPS Driver, but we all consider him a good friend. He is an indispensable part of our operation, and David never lets us down. Day-in and day-out, through snowstorms and calamity, David is always there for us.

Mike enjoys his conversations with David, considering David one of the most intelligent and deep thinkers in the community. "I always run new ideas past David" says Mike, "because his opinion is always on the mark."

David will retire in a few years. What will we do without him?

Our UPS Driver


Heather is our bottler. Our Miss Heather brings a delightful sense of lightness and balance to our office. She is our "free spirit", and has a great purity about her..

She is very proud of the extra attention and healing intention she puts into our bottled Essiac. She brews the tea , then bottles and labels each bottle with the utmost care and attention. In this picture, she is in our shipping room, preparing to help Malina get the day's shipment ready for UPS.

I think that our Essiac tea tastes better than ever, and I give Heather the credit for this. The love and attention that she gives our tea does make a difference.


Our Bottler










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