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About the Ingredients in the Essiac Formula and Recipe:


  History and Background:

Our story begins in the 1980s. A well known doctor from Los Angeles, Dr. Gary Glum, heard about a remarkable herbal tonic that came from Canada. Further research revealed that the person who developed this herbal formula (Rene Caisse)had died, but that her family still possessed many of her records, including the the recipe for her tea.

Dr. Glum travelled to Canada, and visited her family.  The family had become discouraged because several individuals and companies had promised to carry on Rene's work after her death, but had failed to do so. Impressed with his sincerity, they shared all of her records and files with him. Eventually, they agreed to furnish him with the formula for the ingredients in her Essiac Tea. In return, Dr. Glum paid the family $200,000.

Thus began the saga of Essiac Tea, and the spreading of the information about this tea all over the world. Dr. Glum brought the information about Essiac Tea, including the formula recipe with ingredients, back to Los Angeles. He then began to spread the word about Essiac. Many magazine articles appeared. It was because I read one of these magazine articles in 1992, printed in a holistic health magazine, that I first learned of Essiac Tea. He also wrote a book about Rene Caisse and her amazing tea. The title is "The Calling of an Angel". It is now a rare book and is hard to find. Those, like me, who have a copy, don't want to part with it.

In his magazine articles, Gr. Glum gladly shared the ingredient formula recipe for Essiac. That is how I first got the formula. Few people seem to remember that it was Dr. Gary Glum who first alerted the world to the existence of Essiac. He should not be forgotten. His contribution to mankind should be honored.

Interestingly enough, after Dr. Glum publicized the existence of Essiac, and its exact ingredients, and after knowledge of its powers to heal began to become widely known, then the Canadian companies that had originally promised Rene Caisse that they would promote her tea jumped on the bandwagon. Now they widely proclaim that they, and only they, have the magic formula. Fortunately this isn't true. If they did have the exclusive ingredients formula, then you still probably wouldn't have heard about Essiac Tea.

On two separate occasions over the years, I have received telephone calls from two women who had worked for Rene Caisse and had brewed the tea for her. They both confirmed that the ingredients and recipe formula that we use is authentic. We had wonderful conversations, as their dedication to Rene Caisse was very obvious, as was our mutual desire to share this information with the world.

By the way, there is an old saying that "Pioneers get arrows in their backs." This was true for Gary Glum. Several agencies of our government made life hard for him because of his work with Essiac. The last that I heard about him was that the government of China had retained him to go to China and do research on Essiac of the Chinese government. I hope that he is doing well.


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Here is the exact formula



This is the original formula, with exact ingredients, as given by Rene Caisse. We express the formula recipe as "parts by weight". This means that you can use any measurement by weight; ounces, pounds, what have you. This allows you to tailor the ingredients in the recipe to the size of batch that you wish to make.

Ingredients (parts by weight):

6 1/2 parts: Burdock Root (cut or dried)    
2 parts: Sheep Sorrell (cut or powdered)    
1/8 part: Turkey Rhubarb Root or 1/4 part domestic Rhubarb Root (cut)    
1/2 part: Slippery Elm Bark (powdered)    

This is the basic four-herb formula that was presented to the Canadian Royal Cancer Commission by Rene Caisse in 1937. Later in her life, while working with Dr. Charles Brusch in Cambridge, Mass, she added small amounts of other herbs to her ingredients, slightly changing from the basic four herb formula. These small amounts of four extra herbs were added as follows:

1/4 part: Kelp (powdered)    
1/8 part: Red Clover (cut or powdered)    
1/8 part: Blessed Thistle (cut or powdered)    
1/16 part: Watercress (powdered)    

By adding these small amounts of herbs to her basic four herb formula, we have the eight herb formula. We use the eight herb formula. Rene Caisse felt that it was slightly better. But, it is important to remember here that what is really important is the quality of your herbs.

By the way, Charles Brusch was John F. Kennedy's personal physican.


Brewing Instructions


Again, these are the exact brewing instructions for Essiac Tea as given by Rene Caisse. Equipment needed: Stainless steel or enamelware pot that holds one gallon (no aluminum please), oven mitts, fine mesh strainer, filtered or distilled water, clean glass bottles with caps (do not use plastic bottles).

1. Bring 2 + quarts of non-chlorine water to a boil in the pot. Do not use aluminum utensils of any kind. Add one ounce of Essiac herbs. Boil gently for 10 minutes. Keep the herbs from sticking to the sides of the pot by scraping them off  if necessary.

2. Turn off stove. Cover pot. Let stand for 12 hours. This 12 hours is very important. Rene Caisse said "The magic happens during the 12 hour settling process, as the mixture changes colors." Enough said.

3. Reheat the mixture to a near boil. Strain through the fine mesh strainer. Small amounts of residue in the brew is okay; may prefer this residue in their tea, as they believe that it is more powerful.

4. Pour the hot tea into clean glass bottles and cap. Refrigerate as soon as possible. The tea is light sensitive, so amber bottles are best. But clear glass also works since it is dark inside the refrigerator (or so they tell me).



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